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Premiered Jan 29, 2024 Fight Capital Podcast
David Feldman, the founder and president of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (@BKFC), discusses the journey and growth of BKFC as a globally recognized combat sports entity. He shares insights into the challenges and milestones faced in establishing bare-knuckle fighting in the US.
Feldman also discusses the strategies for growth, including international expansion and grassroots approaches. The conversation touches on media deals and their impact on BKFC's reach and revenue.
The challenges faced by BKFC and the accessibility and fan engagement of the sport are also explored. Feldman shares personal insights gained from leading BKFC and discusses his leadership style.
The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future outlook of his organization.
♦︎ Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) has successfully transitioned into a globally recognized combat sports entity.
♦︎ The rate of head trauma and concussive impact in bare-knuckle fighting is lower compared to boxing and MMA.
♦︎ BKFC has rapidly expanded with over 70+ events in the US, Asia, and the UK.
♦︎ Strategies for growth include international expansion, grassroots approaches, and partnerships with media platforms.
00:00 Introduction and Background
01:16 Challenges and Milestones
03:10 Strategies for Growth
04:13 Grassroots Approach
06:28 Media Deals and Growth Strategy
08:13 Challenges Faced
10:34 Accessibility and Fan Engagement
11:05 Personal Insights and Leadership
12:32 Future Outlook

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